N-type TOPCon, cost performance is king | Osda helps 2022 China Photovoltaic Industry Annual Conference

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On December 1, 2022, the 2022 China Photovoltaic Industry Annual Conference and (Chuzhou) Photovoltaic High-quality Development Summit Forum was successfully held in Chuzhou, Anhui, with the theme of "welcoming a new era of double carbon and building a new photovoltaic highland together". Osda was invited to participate in this conference.

Technological innovation is in the ascendant

At the summit forum, Wang Qingxian, Xu Jiwei, Cao Renxian, Yang Xudong, Wang Xin, and Xiong Minfeng delivered speeches on the spot or online; Wang Qingxian, governor of Anhui Province, pointed out in his speech that the current new round of technological revolution and industrial transformation is closely related to the global The implementation of the "Double Carbon" strategy has been superimposed, bringing energy structure adjustment and green energy technology innovation to the forefront. In the unprecedented global energy change, photovoltaic energy has increasingly become the main force to replace traditional energy, industrial technology innovation is in the ascendant, and the industrial system from advanced materials, equipment manufacturing to system application is increasingly formed.

Cao Renxian, chairman of the China Photovoltaic Industry Association, said in his speech that China's photovoltaic industry continues to develop, dominates the global industrial structure, and has become a key force in global energy transformation and supply assurance. In the future, the photovoltaic industry will usher in a huge space for development, a larger pattern and prosperity index, and continue to move forward from scale to quality. However, we must also be soberly aware that my country's photovoltaic industry is still facing many problems and challenges such as phased supply-demand mismatches and consumption problems caused by high-proportion access. We call on the entire industry to work together to maintain upstream and downstream Coordinated development, jointly resist the risks and challenges of the supply chain, actively deploy the high-end links of the value chain, promote the transfer of the industrial chain and supply chain, and ensure the healthy and orderly development of the photovoltaic industry under the new situation.

Development Trend and Future Prospect

Wang Bohua, honorary chairman of the China Photovoltaic Industry Association, attended the meeting and made a report on "my country's Photovoltaic Industry Development Trends and Future Prospects" and pointed out that renewable energy such as photovoltaics will be the main force of future power supply. In 2022, China's new photovoltaic installations are expected to be 85-100GW, and the global newly installed photovoltaic capacity is about 205-250GW. In the first three quarters, all aspects of photovoltaic manufacturing exceeded the annual output of last year, and the growth rate exceeded 40%.

N-type TOPCon price performance is king

As the conference with the highest level of participation, the largest scale, and the widest range of influence in the photovoltaic field, the new generation of N-type TOPCon technology has attracted the attention of the photovoltaic industry, investors and EPC with the continuous improvement of single-watt power generation, and has become the conference One of the points of discussion.

Pu Xun, marketing manager of Osda, shared in his report titled "N-TOPCon Components: In the Early Stage of Technology Iteration, Cost-effectiveness is King" and pointed out that cost reduction and efficiency increase are eternal propositions in the development of the industry. The N-TOPCon battery equipment continues the basic configuration of the PERC production line and is an upgrade based on PERC batteries. For manufacturers, in the comparison of major technical routes, N-TOPCon is more cost-effective.

Osda's new module products based on the current mainstream N-type TOPCon technology route have achieved mass production. As of November 2022, the highest conversion efficiency of modules in mass production has reached 22.45%. Lower attenuation, better high-temperature power generation performance, higher double-sided income, better low-light performance, and better reliability. Different power modules of the same version can be flexibly adapted to centralized ground power stations, industrial and commercial distributed power stations, and household distribution. Different application scenarios such as power stations. Compared with the mainstream ultra-high current P-type modules in the market, the BOS cost and LCOE of N-TOPCon high-efficiency photovoltaic modules decreased by 2% and 4.6% respectively. According to calculations for different regions, different climate conditions, and different types of projects in the world, the LCOE can be reduced by about 3.5%-5%. Lower BOS cost and LCOE, creating higher power generation income for customers.

As a global provider of smart energy solutions, Osda will fully support the implementation of the "Double Carbon" goal, adhere to the original mission of "let thousands of households share green energy", accelerate the comprehensive green and low-carbon transformation and development of society, and accelerate energy transformation. Customers and industries create more value.

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