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Solar panels

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Ground-mount Power Plant
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  • Ground-mount Power Plant

    Ground-mount Power Plant

    Ground-mount projects usually use land resources such as coastal tidal flats, Gobi deserts, and open areas to build centralized large-scale photovoltaic power stations, which can effectively utilize various less-utilized land and generate clean energy.

  • Industrial and commercial DG Project

    Industrial and commercial DG Project

    Industrial and commercial DG projects are projects installed on the roofs of factories or buildings to generate electricity. The projects utilize idle industrial and commercial. The energy generated from those projects could either be self-used or sold back to the grid.

  • Residential Projects

    Residential Projects

    Residential PV projects, also known as rooftop PV, are small solar power generation equipment installed on the home roof .  They are both eco-friendly and green. Moreover, different layouts will be adopted according to the shape and nature of the roof, and the installation method and size are also customized.

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