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Starting on August 30th, the three-day 2023 ASEAN Sustainable Energy Week is grandly held at the Bangkok Sirikit Queen's National Convention Center. The ASEAN Sustainable Energy Week is ASEAN's most comprehensive energy and environmental exhibition, serving as the primary business platform for energy and environmental industry manufacturers to meet with decision-makers, investors, and entrepreneurs. Osda presents its N-type TOPCon high-efficiency photovoltaic products, energy storage inverters, integrated on-and-off-grid household photovoltaic storage charging systems, and overall solutions prominently at booth K51.

The ASEAN countries, as an important economic alliance in Asia, comprise 10 member states including Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, and others. As an emerging market, ASEAN countries have significant potential, especially in the photovoltaic industry. Due to their geographical location, ASEAN countries have relatively stable solar radiation duration and intensity, with most regions receiving sunlight for 2000 to 2200 hours annually. Moreover, ASEAN countries experience high illumination for the majority of the time, giving them immense potential for solar power generation.


At this exhibition, Osda teamed up with Austa Energy Storage Division to showcase the latest technologies and commitments in the green energy field by the Osda Group. Osda presented photovoltaic modules based on the cutting-edge N-type TOPCon technology, with a conversion efficiency reaching 22.54%. The module maintains exceptional performance even at high temperatures and sustains efficient power generation in low-light conditions. Lower degradation ensures a longer lifespan of the photovoltaic modules, higher bifacial yield, and superior reliability. Furthermore, in terms of design, the Osda N-type TOPCon module can flexibly adapt to various installation scenarios, meeting the demands of large-scale power plants while also catering to the intricate requirements of household power stations.


Austa Energy Storage Division showcased a series of solutions, from grid-connected systems to off-grid systems, and micro-inverter systems, all manifesting their determination to provide customers with a one-stop green energy solution. Austa Energy Storage Division is currently promoting integrated home photovoltaic storage charging solutions. This system integrates energy storage inverters, batteries, and charging piles, with built-in BMS battery control units and EMS energy dispatching units. With precise control by the EMS, the system can meet the self-sufficient applications of photovoltaic power generation and supply power to emergency equipment during outages, thus constructing a small-scale photovoltaic storage microgrid. Coupled with cloud monitoring capabilities, users can view the system's real-time operating status, access various data, and even perform remote configurations and firmware updates via a mobile app, truly experiencing a zero-carbon lifestyle. The splendid appearances of the module and energy storage sections displayed Osda Group's profound commitment and grand vision for sustainable energy.


Since 2009, Osda has been deeply specialized in the photovoltaic sector. Over a span of 15 years, it has transitioned from a simple photovoltaic trader to a global provider of smart energy solutions. Throughout these years, being a national high-tech enterprise and a "Specialized, Refined, Special, and Innovative" national-level 'Little Giant' company, Osda has established a comprehensive strategy, ranging from R&D, production, and sales of photovoltaic cells + modules and energy storage inverters + PACK, to integrated solutions for photovoltaic storage distribution stations (ground + commercial + residential). Particularly, after the full operation of its four major production bases in Ningbo, Linyi, Jiaxing, and Yancheng, Osda's annual N-type TOPCon capacity is set to reach 28GW.


The 2023 ASEAN Sustainable Energy Week in Thailand will conclude on September 1st. Osda sincerely invites you to visit our K51 booth for a tour and discussion!

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