Meet in Madrid and start the N era | Austa, a brand of Osda, will bring TOPCon high-efficiency photovoltaic modules to the 2023 Genera Spain exhibition

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On February 21-23, 2023, the Spanish International Energy and Environment Exhibition General Genera was held in Madrid, Spain. It has been held in 2003 and has been held once a year. The Madrid International Environmental Energy Exhibition in Spain is one of Spain's largest and most influential environmental protection energy exhibition. The exhibition is an international environmental protection energy special exhibition. Each exhibition attracts dealers, distributors, manufacturers and other people from the world's environmental protection energy industry to participate in the exhibition. At this exhibition, Austa, as an OSDA overseas brand, brought the N -type TOPCON dual -glass high -efficiency photovoltaic modules, energy storage inverter, household light+storage integration separation system and overall solution at the 8B.18 booth.



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Spain not only has unique light conditions, but also has a lot of idle land, and developing solar energy has innate advantages. According to the goals of the Spanish comprehensive national energy and climate plan, by 2030, renewable energy will account for at least 42%of the energy structure; according to this plan, Spain's new photovoltaic power generation installation capacity will be above 3GW each year, Spain is also listed as the two potential markets of European photovoltaic and the top seven potential markets in the global photovoltaic, which is a seductive prospect for international investors.


The latest N-type TOPCon high-efficiency components

In this exhibition, Austa brought the latest N -type TOPCON cells technology high -efficiency PV modules to the scene. Austa has achieved mass production based on the current mainstream N -type TOPCON technology route. As of February 2023, the maximum conversion efficiency of component production has reached 22.54%. Lower attenuation, better high temperature power generation performance, higher double -sided income, better weak light performance, better reliability, the same version of solar panels with different power can flexibly adapt to different application scenarios such as centralized ground power stations, industrial and commercial distributed power stations, and households distributed power stations.


Cultivate the market deeply and grasp the demand

After 14 years of accumulation, Austa has maintained friendly and in -depth cooperative relationships with Spain for many years, deeply cultivating the photovoltaic market and grasping customer needs. Austa has been committed to strengthening the research and development of photovoltaic modules and the improvement of production technology. At this exhibition, Austa’s excellent product quality and sincere service attitude were well received. Many customers have conducted detailed consultations on site, and hope to have in-depth cooperation through this opportunity.Austa's debut at this exhibition shows the technology and strength of the enterprise to more partners.


Osda, a global smart energy solution provider, always focuses on a global strategic layout.  Up to now, Osda has set up overseas offices in more than 10 countries and regions, including the Netherlands, Germany, the United States, India, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Pakistan, etc., with business in nearly 100 countries and regions worldwide. In the future, the company will continue to be committed to creating sustainable value for global customers through win-win cooperation and resource integration, and accelerating the global green energy transformation and upgrading.

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