12GW N-type TOPcon cell project-Yancheng Osda new energy production base groundbreaking ceremony was held grandly!

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On the morning of June 28, 2023, the foundation stone laying ceremony for the Yancheng Osda new energy production base was grandly held at the project construction site. Qi Congfeng, Secretary of the County Party Committee of Jianhu County, Yancheng City, Jiangsu Province, County Magistrate Chen Xia, Deputy Secretary of the County Party Committee Xu Gang and other leaders of the four sets of county leaders, Ningbo osda Solar Co., Ltd., General Manager Xie Xiaoliang and other leaders presided over the ceremony.


Yancheng Osda New Energy Production Base belongs to Hongxu (Jiangsu) New Energy Co., Ltd., which is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Ningbo osda Solar Co., Ltd. The project plans to invest a total of 5 billion yuan, covering an area of 431.76 mu. After completion, it will form an annual production capacity of 12GW N-type TOPCon solar cells. After the project is fully put into production, it can achieve annual sales of more than 10 billion yuan, and at the same time, the tax payment will exceed 375 million yuan.


In this ceremony, Qi Congfeng, secretary of the Jianhu County Party Committee, announced the official start of the Yancheng Osda new energy production base project.


Chen Xia, the magistrate of Jianhu County, said in her speech that this project is a regional cooperation project that both the government and Osda attach great importance to. Osda's 12GW cell production project will bring new growth and impetus to Jianhu's economy.


Xu Gang, deputy secretary of the Jianhu County Party Committee, mentioned in the project introduction that Jianhu County has always focused on the construction of a green and low-carbon development demonstration zone, anchoring the positioning of "first-class development parks and first-class industrial landmarks". This Osda project is also another benchmark case of green development in Jianhu County.


Xie Xiaoliang, general manager of Ningbo osda Solar Co., Ltd., mentioned in his speech that Osda Group has been committed to the development of photovoltaic new energy. Sales, to accelerate the expansion of the design, development, production, construction, operation and maintenance of photovoltaic crystalline silicon cells and photovoltaic power generation systems, as well as front-end fields such as photovoltaic power generation energy storage and smart grids. With the advancement of the 3060 policy, photovoltaics, as a clean emerging energy, have received more and more attention. As the world's largest photovoltaic manufacturing and application country, China's entire industry has ushered in a new round of vigorous development. The foundation laying of Yancheng new energy base opened the prelude to Osda's deep cultivation of photovoltaics and strengthening of the industry. Osda Group will repay the society with more high-quality products and services, and work together to promote the development of global clean energy, achieve sustainable development goals, and build a beautiful China!


Yancheng Osda New Energy Production Base, as one of the important layouts of Osda Group in China, will adhere to the spirit of the "Eight-Eight Strategy", lead by science and technology, continue to cultivate and innovate in the field of new energy, and make full use of geographical advantages and industry advantages. Inject new impetus into local economic development. With the full support of the group and the vigorous promotion of the market, the Yancheng Osda new energy production base will be built with high standards and high quality to help the transformation and upgrading of the local new energy industry and provide new impetus and support for the high-quality development of the local economy.

Xie Xiaoliang, general manager of Osda, said in an interview with the media after the groundbreaking ceremony: At present, from the perspective of the industry, the era of N-type batteries has officially opened; from the perspective of the group, Osda is in a period of rapid development, and its performance has increased significantly The improvement drives the continuous growth of customer demand. Osda has always adhered to the corporate values of "customer-centric, dedicated, continuous improvement, and continuous innovation". The construction layout of Yancheng Osda new energy production base is of great significance to meet the growing demand, optimize and upgrade the product structure, improve the comprehensive market competitiveness of the group, and maintain the leading position of Osda Optoelectronics in the industry.


Osda Group, as a company based in Zhejiang and looking at the world, Yancheng Osda new energy production base will certainly actively fulfill corporate social responsibilities while operating commercially. Relying on Osda Group's technical reserves and talent advantages in the field of new energy, the base is constructed and operated with professional knowledge and hard work. Under the guidance of the spirit of "self-improvement, perseverance, innovation, and practical results", we will give full play to the team's technical advantages and market acumen, continuously improve corporate competitiveness and social responsibility, and provide the highest level of technical services and products of the highest quality. Quality and the most complete after-sales guarantee will make greater contributions to the promotion of Carbon Dafeng's carbon neutral strategy and the development of the global clean energy industry. Create a better life and build a green future together!

Osda, a global smart energy solution provider, always focuses on the global strategic layout. Up to now, Osda has established overseas offices in more than 10 countries and regions including the Netherlands, Germany, the United States, India, Bangladesh, Uzbekistan, and Pakistan, and its business covers nearly 100 countries and regions around the world. In the future, the company will continue to be committed to creating sustainable value for global customers through win-win cooperation and resource integration, and to accelerate the transformation and upgrading of global green energy.

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